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$99.00 per month
  • 5 Corrections/Deletions with all 3 Credit Bureaus
  • Personal Online Account Access
  • Debt Validation with Creditors
  • Credit Profile Forensic Audit
  • Credit Education program
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The Premium Credit Package is comprehensive credit restoration, which includes work with the three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, CSC/Equifax) to correct misleading, inaccurate, and non-verifiable information about you. This program also works with your creditors, providing debt validation to offer relief from unscrupulous and deceptive practices by collection attempts.

If the creditor or collector cannot prove that they have the proper paperwork to collect the debt, then it may be void. Our Experts will conduct a detailed forensic audit of all three credit reports, work with you to determine what you believe is inaccurate, and formulate a calculated program that will suit your individual goals. You will learn how to negotiate your debt with creditors, learn about achieving new, and positive trade lines that can affect your score!

Your initial sign-up fee includes: Personal Online Account Access, Debt Validation with Creditors, Credit Profile Forensic Audit, and Credit Education Programs. You will be billed $99 per month for our credit professionals to manage your file, which includes 5 Corrections/Deletions with all 3 Credit Bureaus. Each additional Correction/Deletion will be billed to your account at the rate of $50 per item.

If your automatic debit is not honored at your bank, all work on your account ceases, and $20 per attempt will be charged to your account. These penalties will need to be honored before resumption of your monthly commitment with us.

How long will it take?

It is a violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act for any Credit Repair Company to quote completion times. No two reports are the same and we cannot predict the future activity on a consumer credit report. Any company quoting score increase or time to repair is acting deceptively and should be avoided.

That being said, Top Credit Doctor is committed to your success and will do everything we can to expedite your file..

Refund Policy

We want to be sure that our clients enroll with confidence. The same applies to our referring agents that have trusted us with their referrals for years. That is why we have always offered a 180 day Refund Policy.

If we have been unable to improve your credit profile after 180 days, you have followed our instructions and provided us with updated credit reports, we will refund your initiation fee less $75 per correction/deletion that has already posted to your credit report.

*The initial credit consultation is free. This determines your needs and your suitability for this particular program. The initial sign up fee of $499 is charged when you create your account at Your full consultation is next and includes a forensic audit of your three-bureau credit report, debt validation work, training on how to deal with your creditors, and proprietary credit education at your own pace. The monthly fee is $99 for this service, and is billed in arrears, meaning the month in which you enter the program will not be debited from your account until the next month. Cancel any time, understanding that one more debit will occur after cancellation for the previous month’s work. No-one pays for credit restoration before the service has been completed at

By Donna M., on February 09, 2016

With everything I had gone through, it was clear I was going to need the Unlimited Corrections option. That’s why I’m so, so, so happy I found Edit Your Credit, they were able to gut my credit bad marks and give me a life worth living again. This Prestige package is totally the way to go.

By Jenny B, on February 09, 2016

I’m almost happy enough to say I’d go through it all again, but then of course that mean my credit would go down again which I don’t want. But then again, Edit Your Credit has done such a good job getting my numbers up, I’d have to really tank it to even need to come back. Here’s to a new lease on life—Premium package all the way.

By John I., on February 09, 2016

I can’t recommend Edit Your Credit enough. I thought I was going to have to go for the Prestige option, or at the very least take the Premium package—but they listened to me, and told me that they could help fix my credit with just the standard Economy package. No that’s honest business. Use these guys.

By Marry J., on February 09, 2016

They listened to my needs, and went to bat for me. In almost no time I was on the right track with the Premium package, and now I’m looking at a solid 850 credit score. My life is saved.